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  • McCabe & Mrs. Miller

    McCabe & Mrs. Miller


    Deadwood: Origins - Any% speedrun - 2:01:13 [WR]

  • Hard Eight

    Hard Eight

    As crisp as you'd expect from PTA, even in the tenderness of his youth. Feels like there's a sort of mismatch of intentions in a few of the later scenes between Sam Jackson and Philip Baker Hall, one not menacing enough, or the other insufficiently menaced. On the other hand, definitely the best work I've ever seen Paltrow turn in by a pretty sizable margin.

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  • Hamilton


    First off, any musical not written by Parker/Stone is automatically deserving of intense mistrust.

    Second, the history. The idea that this work serves as some sort of reclamation, the oppressed redefining the historical character of the oppressors, is the worst kind of propagandizing. Denying historical fact is one thing, Miranda seeks to absorb it entirely, so that no trace of real contradiction remains to be found. 

    Now that I think about it, denial of historical fact is really quite essential…

  • Repo Man

    Repo Man


    Maybe the only movie that is purely, truly anti-ideological. Otto rejects the sleepy conservatism of his parents and boss, the senseless indulgence of his friends, seeking some type of purpose through repo. Bud tries to teach him a crude Reaganite ethics, Lite tries to teach him the shallow philosophy of a 1%er outlaw. Again and again we’re assaulted with the cockeyed ways we make a cruel world palatable, everyone rushing towards whatever they think will finally make them actually be something,…