• Midsommar



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The hesitation I had for watching this film was immense. It's an A24 film and I know very well what that means. It means that even though it's a horror film, it's mostly an artistic piece done by people who are not into horror for the same reasons I am into horror, FOR people who are not into horror for the same reasons I am into horror. In general, A24 films are just not for me. I liked The VVitch,…

  • The Wicker Tree

    The Wicker Tree


    I can't understand why Robin Hardy would even want to film this. Some of the dialog is so incredibly cringe-worthy. I guess it's supposed to be his reimagined Wicker Man, but it doesn't even come close to being as thought provoking, creepy, or entertaining as The Wicker Man.

    I just don't think that southern American christianity is as good for something like this as Catholicism, or even Protestantism from Scotland. I fail to see how this came together in his…

  • Witchtrap


    This film was a spoof of "Witchboard" from 1986, and filmed directly after Night of the Demons. All three films are 80s cheese, except that the first two, Witchboard and Night of the Demons, have one thing that this film doesn't.

    Entertainment factor.

    I can't figure out for the life of me why Kevin Tenney, the director of all 3 films and writer of Witchboard and this film, would have bothered to write or direct this film. It has absolutely…

  • Re-Animator



    Here we are again. Reviewing another "Popular Fail", a film popular with horror audiences that Tippor didn't like. There are a lot of these, I've started a list of them.

    So, what's wrong with this? Well, nothing in particular, just a lot of small things that end up ruining it for me. You would think it would be high on my list considering it's from the 80s, my prefered horror decade. And, "A dedicated student at a medical college and…

  • The Video Dead

    The Video Dead


    There are only a few ways to describe this film.

    "I can't believe it's not Troma!", would be the biggest because this thing is exactly like every Troma film I've ever seen. Before "The Ring" and VHS, but after Videodrome and Terrorvision, we got "The Video Dead". And, it should have been a Troma.

    What should you expect from a film like this? A low budget zombie film. That's all. I've seen worse and I've seen better. I vaguely remember…

  • The Night Stalker

    The Night Stalker


    I'm not sure what to make of this made for TV Vampire Noir movie from 1972. How this ended up lacking a "comedy" tag I'll never know. I thought the entire movie was hilarious! It was definitely NOT what I thought it was going to be at all.

    I can't decide if this is a parody or what. I can't even really review the movie itself. It's the story of a newspaper reporter that believes a vampire is responsible for…

  • Sam & Mattie Make A Zombie Movie

    Sam & Mattie Make A Zombie Movie


    My 30 year old son has Down Syndrome, so when I heard about Sam and Mattie, I knew I would support everything they ever do. It just so happens they made a horror film, which makes me a happy Tippor. Now, I just need to locate a copy of it.

    I bought this documentary on Apple TV and it was fantastic. Sam and Mattie are very talented young men and have dedicated fans in my house! I hope they make more horror movies.

  • Baron Blood

    Baron Blood


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    So, I'm not really a fan of Italian horror or giallo films. Some people consider this a giallo and some don't, I guess. But, whichever camp you throw your weight behind, I'm not a fan of it.

    Now, being that this is written and directed by Mario Bava, I knew very well what I was getting into and, predictably, it was like watching paint dry. Most giallo is like that for me. I can't even name a giallo that I…

  • Earth vs. the Flying Saucers

    Earth vs. the Flying Saucers


    It must have been a kick in the pants to be alive in 1956 with films like this coming out in theaters. We look at them now and we either see cheese or a relic. And, who came up with the term "flying saucer"? And, why a "saucer"? Why not a flying hub cap? That's what they look like to me.

    All jokes aside, with a title like this you can't help but expect the typical 50s B rated sci-fi.…

  • 30 Days of Night

    30 Days of Night


    It's got a great setup. Isolated Alaskan town that experiences 30 days of straight darkness, under attack by a gang of blood thirsty vampires. Not just vampires, but vampires that speak a whole language of their own and are only after one thing, destruction. It's also got some great action and vampire sequences.

    Unfortunately, it's also plagued by something a lot of horror films from the 00s are plagued by; actors with no chemistry, portraying characters with no chemistry. There's…

  • The Good Things Devils Do

    The Good Things Devils Do


    I turned this off after the first 20 minutes. The opening scene was a red flag. A delivery man stopping by a house with a "girl" wearing a short plaid skirt bent over in the window. "Girl" turns out to be a woman who looks to be in her 40s.

    The first scene with Kane Hodder is him in a house with two women he's "scaring", but the dialog is just pure, unadulterated garbage.

    Whatever. It might be Halloween themed, but there's nothing "Halloween" about this piece of rubbish.

  • Godzilla vs. Kong

    Godzilla vs. Kong


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    You know what I wish this film was? Mad Max Fury Road. No joke, I mean, it was a masterpiece, right?

    Fury Road was, and I'm quoting my review of it, "a 2 hour, $150 million dollar chase scene through a desert, complete with post-apocalyptic semi-truck tankers, muscle car dune-buggies, moto-cross riders and grannies with guns".

    Now, of course I don't want to see that exact thing in the Monsterverse, but this film would have been a lot of fun…