Baron Blood

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This review may contain spoilers.

So, I'm not really a fan of Italian horror or giallo films. Some people consider this a giallo and some don't, I guess. But, whichever camp you throw your weight behind, I'm not a fan of it.

Now, being that this is written and directed by Mario Bava, I knew very well what I was getting into and, predictably, it was like watching paint dry. Most giallo is like that for me. I can't even name a giallo that I like, although I DO like a couple of Italian horrors.

Even though this film was more boring than my 12th grade U.S. Government glass, it did have things by which I was mildly entertained. The 70s atmosphere, for one. These films typically ooze with it. The eye makeup was particularly entertaining since some of it seems to be making a comeback on the internet. The clothes, the way people interact with each other, like they're walking the edge of horror and 70s porn film. And, the strange torture devices in this film are just mind boggling. I also was mildly amused by a freshly risen corpse knocking on the door of a doctor and being let in like he's been injured. The doctor doesn't even blink twice at a corpse in his house. That's 70s Italian horror for you.

Frankly, most of this stuff just isn't my bag, but I watch it anyway hoping one of them will be the exception to the rule. This one isn't. But, I can log it, so that's a plus.