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  • The Wicker Tree

    The Wicker Tree


    I can't understand why Robin Hardy would even want to film this. Some of the dialog is so incredibly cringe-worthy. I guess it's supposed to be his reimagined Wicker Man, but it doesn't even come close to being as thought provoking, creepy, or entertaining as The Wicker Man.

    I just don't think that southern American christianity is as good for something like this as Catholicism, or even Protestantism from Scotland. I fail to see how this came together in his…

  • Witchtrap


    This film was a spoof of "Witchboard" from 1986, and filmed directly after Night of the Demons. All three films are 80s cheese, except that the first two, Witchboard and Night of the Demons, have one thing that this film doesn't.

    Entertainment factor.

    I can't figure out for the life of me why Kevin Tenney, the director of all 3 films and writer of Witchboard and this film, would have bothered to write or direct this film. It has absolutely…

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  • The Witches

    The Witches


    I remember seeing this in 1992. I was 21.

    I was bored.

    I revisited it because it's set to be remade, and thankfully, not by Tim Burton.

    I was still bored.

    Fun movie for kids born in the 80s and 90s, probably. Three stars because it was Jim Henson's last film before his death.

  • Halloween



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I knew it would take me a few days to gather my thoughts on this film before I would be able to write about it.

    Let's start off with stating the obvious, there are things about this film that I have problems with, and also the obvious, it's still a fantastic film.

    First of all, remaking scenes from the original Halloween II and putting them into this film seems forced and out of place given the fact that everything from…