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  • Aquarius



    one of those movies that i thought was good when i saw it (not great, but still good) BUT have found myself thinking about more than i expected

    its a very fine example of the ways in which battles over space utilise the space itself as the medium through which the fight occurs: both Clara, the last remaining resident of the Aquarius building, and the developers, who just need her to move out to begin making a profit, find that…

  • A Man and a Woman

    A Man and a Woman


    can't help but find every movie about two beautiful charming people falling rapidly in love to be a story about how people like us will never inspire love at first sight. indeed each moment is a privation of falling in love, we manage not to fall in love an infinite number of times every day. standing up, getting into cars. not falling in love

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  • Danton



    in the first five minutes of Danton, a child is made to recite The Declaration of the Rights of Man, and receives a slap on the wrist whenever he gets a word wrong. at least the movie is stating it's politics up top

    my college has a long long history of oratory as an art-form. the largest student society is dedicated to formal debates on mind-numbing topics, which draw enormous crowds. i never say this publicly, because the school is…

  • Wiener-Dog



    not even an omnipresent cute dog can save a movie from being, at times, desperately unfunny.

    i sort of wish the section with danny devito was the whole film. danny devito walking a wiener dog? now that's cinema.

    at the beginning there is a long pan along a row of puppies in cages, before the camera settles on the titular wiener dog. the woman sitting behind me then whispered: "is that him?" her husband replied "tis, yeah."