Tenet ★★★★

First review since February I think...here goes nothing.

With Nolan's latest film Tenet, he goes full scope and scale with insane action sequences that have never been seen before along side a blaring but thunderous score from Ludwig. The acting is all in as well even if the characters are somewhat poorly written. Everyone does their part with what they are given, specifically JDW and Pattinson. Charisma was bleeding through.

The set pieces, spy aspects and the time elements were next level Nolan. But with every good thing from him, we also get some bad. He seems to go for the most visceral presentation of film possible that the story, characters and even the dialogue get lost in the mix. The literal sound mix. I felt distracted from each masterfully crafted action sequence due to not knowing exactly what was going on. This machine just didnt slow down for anyone.

Still recommend but need some subtitles. Also, need a rewatch for some clarity. Giving it 4 stars due to how outrageous and bold it goes for broke.

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