Tenet ★★★★½

I have finally watched Tenet. Or have I? Tenet is definitely a film that has to be experienced more that just watched. But honestly I don't get the confusion that revolves around this film, especially its ending. It's rather straightforward, or straightbackward for that matter. I had the feeling Nolan didn't want to flatten his audience this time around. There was too much explanation for my taste, and too many hints that foreshadowed the ending tight from the start. And while it feels like Nolan all over the place, it also didn't. It's not the Nolan I know from Inception or Interstellar, but more like the Nolan who brought us the Dark Knight trilogy. The concept of time has always been a matter of the heart for Christopher Nolan, and with Tenet he takes it to an entire different level. A concept he calls time inversion, that's a different affair than time travel. I won't get into details now, but the way he explains it is rather scientific and might not work for some people. A MA degree in physics would definitely help. The cinematography is really nice to look at, with a lot of great shots, fight scenes ,and car chase scenes, which are all phenomenally executed. To only thing I didn't like about the film was the sound mixing. It was rather stressful trying to concentrate on the conversation, while all of the characters are wearing masks and the background sound is already blowing your ears off.

Tenet is everything a Nolan Fanboy could ever want, and while it is not as challenging as Inception or Interstellar it still will give you enough material to chew on.

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