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Taika Waititi on what makes Marvel successful

During the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival, director Taika Waititi dropped by TIFF to discuss Marvel's success with choosing unexpected directors for their cinematic universe, and how his small relationship comedies prepared him to take on Thor: Ragnarok.

Before Crazy Rich Asians there was The Joy Luck Club

Actor Tamlyn Tomita breaks down why The Joy Luck Club was such a significant milestone for Asian American representation on film and celebrates the new wave of Asian American talent — both on- and off-screen — gaining traction in the industry after the watershed success of Crazy Rich Asians, the first film since The Joy Luck Club by a major Hollywood studio to feature a cast of majority Asian descent.

A Conversation about Judas and the Black Messiah

“I didn’t learn about the Black Panther Party in high school and history books. Now we’re learning that the history books were blatant lies anyway. Movies and art is where...we get to tell our own stories, and we take a responsibility for telling history.” —Dominique Fishback

Tackling Misogyny in Firecrackers

“I’ve always been interested in the idea of women’s freedom, or lack of freedom and Firecrackers really looks at that in a very specific way and its all about power.” —Jasmin Mozaffari

Euzhan Palcy on Sugar Cane Alley

For Euzhan Palcy, making Sugar Cane Alley was “hell. Nobody wanted to touch it. Nobody was interested… it was Black, a period piece directed by an unknown and Black female director. And the movie nobody wanted to touch got 5 awards in Venice Film Festival.”

A Conversation about Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal stars Riz Ahmed and Paul Raci and writer-director Darius Marder join TIFF Artistic Director and Co-Head Cameron Bailey for an exclusive conversation about their trailblazing film. Since premiering at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival, Sound of Metal has gone on to be a top contender in this year’s awards season.

Stella Meghie on Love Jones

"[Love Jones] was so sexy and elegant, and it just was everything I wanted my life to be. Because that was before I wanted to be a filmmaker, and it just stuck with me, and I see it in all my films, in all my writing."

The rare Black lead in horror: Duane Jones in Night of the Living Dead

"We're still working our way back to the point where a character like Ben, or an actor like Duane Jones, is just sort of casually the lead in a horror movie...The role is still groundbreaking for that reason. And representation in any form, even when there's no race discussed, even when it's not against the backdrop of huge social change like Night Of The Living Dead — it's still revolutionary to have that Black face, to have that Black alpha."

Black Futures on Film

TIFF presents Black Futures on Film on digital TIFF Bell Lightbox, a contemporary exploration of Black imagery on screen. Challenging commonly accepted ideas of what Black stories can be and expanding beyond the month’s singular focus on Black history, Black Futures on Film looks to explore what it means to be Black and on screen now and tomorrow.

TIFF Next Wave: a film festival for youth, by youth

We were wondering: could we use your couch? The TIFF Next Wave Film Festival runs online and across Canada from February 12–15. Join us for a free, live In Conversation With… Finn Wolfhard, a throwback Movie Marathon guaranteed to be A Trip, brand new films from around the world (free for anyone under 25), including:

Bong Joon-ho on Raging Bull

"I think it’s the most honest portrayal of the conflicts and complexities of one man. Only Scorsese could create such a portrait." —Bong Joon-ho on Raging Bull, released in theatres 40 years ago today

The whole film poured out: Mina Shum on Meditation Park

Mina Shum directs an all-star cast — including Cheng Pei Pei, Sandra Oh, Tzi Ma, and Don McKellar — in her 2017 feature, about a devoted wife and mother (Pei Pei) who is forced to reassess her reverence for her husband after she finds another woman’s thong in his laundry.

Canada, welcome to World of Wong Kar Wai

Supervised and approved by the master director himself, TIFF Cinematheque is proud to have a one-week exclusive Canadian video-on-demand premiere of this retrospective, thanks to Janus Films. Featuring a special extended cut of The Hand and new restorations of these classics from the original 35mm camera negatives: