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  • Goodnight Mommy

    Goodnight Mommy


    bruh the boogeyman ain’t got shit on red cross. (yes i am now scared of red cross)

    but like for real this was a gorgeous film to look at. this actually was really good, but i think it would’ve been a lot better if i was fully paying attention at some parts. need to rewatch soon

  • I Saw the Devil

    I Saw the Devil


    korean cinema > everything else

    i was not prepared for this. i though it would be a detective/killer cat and mouse thriller, but i was way off. i loved it though, super messed up and hard to watch, but it was amazing. this is one of the few films that doesn’t have a dull moment and never made me bored during its almost 2 and a half hour runtime. man i need a sec to catch my breath

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