The Terminator

The Terminator ★★★★

“The Terminator” is one of the most famous and influential sci fi action thrillers of all time. It has an original and fascinating premise, a captivating story, excellent worldbuilding, a dark and mature tone, a thrilling atmosphere, mostly great looking practical effects (ok, some look a bit dated), a legendary score, a great pacing, exciting action sequences (the police station shootout being my favorite), and three fantastic characters.

Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor are likable heroes with great chemistry and especially Sarah Connor´s character arc from the normal girl and victim to the badass survivor is really engaging. Nevertheless, it definitely was the sequel that made her the action hero icon she is today. The true star of the film is without a doubt Arnold Schwarzenegger in his most iconic role. His intimidating physique, cold demeanor, and outstanding screen presence combined with the character´s sheer indestructibleness make the T-800 one of the most memorable villains of movie history. The film has several strengths, but without Schwarzenegger it wouldn´t be the classic cult film it is.

“The Terminator” is an outstanding example of creative and passionate filmmaking. It is brilliantly written and masterfully crafted and its enormous lasting influence on both the sci fi and the action genre cannot be overstated. Still, in my opinion, the sequel is even greater in almost all aspects.

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