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  • Cinderella


    My daughter has watched this movie so many times it has literally stopped being a narrative about characters and is now only a series of colors and sounds on an infinite loop, devoid of all content but the hallucinatory fantasia of a secular 20th-century consumerist religion fetishized by a capitalist culture seeped in nostalgia and lacking any original thought of its own unless it is one already pre-packaged and ready to sell.

    The mice are cute, though.

  • Ant-Man


    I appreciate that the superhero powers here actually matter, and that the action sequences are built around playing with those powers and their implications, instead of just watching people punch other people and blow things up.

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  • Apollo 13

    Apollo 13


    Watchable, as evident by the fact that I caught it while channel surfing and forgot to stop until it ended.

    But it's not exactly about anything, right? Having just re-watched THE RIGHT STUFF a few weeks ago, this is even more apparent. I don't think Kaufman's film holds together completely, or is as incisive as it thinks it is, but it's definitely trying to examine what the space program meant to a mid-century America in the grips of the Cold…

  • Titanic



    Don't ask me why I watched this again, but I did. There's a lot of campy stuff in this movie. The framing device is weird (though oddly necessary? I dunno, but Bill Paxton playing a Cameron stand-in feels right); the dialogue is obviously really, really cheesy; the "people in the past sure didn't know about stuff like Picasso" basically never works; Billy Zane is gloriously over-the-top and even has an evil butler. None of that really bothers me, though: this…