Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★½

I say that I've never seen an Indiana Jones movie before, which isn't entirely accurate because I've seen bits and pieces of the movies from the 80s--I just never actually sat down and watched any of them intentionally from beginning to end. I did watch the 2008 movie because it was showing for free at my college, but that was me going with some friends and I didn't much like it.

I'm not sure that 30-odd years after the first movie released is the prime time to be first watching these movies (my roommate eloquently noted that if you watch them as kids they're the best things ever), but Raiders of the Lost Ark is fun.

It's a lot less action than I was expecting--there's a whole lot of dialogue going on in this movie--but, you know, what action there is manages to be pretty fun. The dialogue stuff isn't terrible. It gets kind of muddled and overly complicated, and fails to really illuminate the characters (aside from Indiana Jones himself and, to a lesser extent, Marion), so I felt like it could have been about 20 minutes shorter to no ill effect.

But going back to (finally) watch this was a more satisfying experience than trying to watch certain other 80s movies for the first time.

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