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  • Blitz



    Absurdly copaganda-esque to the point of being outwardly offensive....and it rocks! Statham and Gillen are absolutely bonkers here.

  • Wild Bill

    Wild Bill


    Sort of this grim humour about the myth at its centre pervades both the film and its lead, in what might be my favourite Jeff Bridges performance. Hickok's mythic reputation both haunts and amuses him, more of the former as the film goes on. Synthesises its three separate source materials pretty damn well (makes me curious to see a production of Thomas Babe's Fathers and Sons in and of itself), but mostly just a fascinating take on Bill himself. Hill…

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  • Hillary


    I knew I was gonna hate this when a song by The Interrupters began the documentary, trumpeting Hillary Rodham Clinton as a punk icon.

    This hits all the classic DNC beats, such as:
    - Evil Bernie supporters
    - Socialism bad
    - Russian hacking scandal
    - Taking cheap shots at Trump and pretending they weren't buddies once
    - Bringing up scandals very vaguely and failing to fully explain them
    - Bruh moments (such as the infamous 'nobody likes [Bernie]' and '[I…

  • Penis Boy

    Penis Boy

    One of the most repulsive films ever made!

    James, if you try to get this Letterboxd page for your shitty short taken down again then you're a coward!