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  • Papillon



    In “Papillon,” existence itself becomes an act of rebellion upon the confines man has made for himself on earth. 

    Director Franklin J. Schaffner’s film about two men serving sentences on the French Guinea penal colony of “Devil’s Island,” was penned by Dalton Trumbo — a man who knew something of suffering penance for injustice. 

    “Papillon” is rife with a spirit of resilience. 

    Trumbo had come out on the other side of the Hollywood blacklist era, and star Steve McQueen -…

  • Patton



    “Patton” succeeds utterly as a biopic for its insistance on remaining the detailed portrait of a single man — despite the immensity of historical events unfolding around him. 

    This determination of focus also becomes the central dramatic conflict of the work: will General George Patton succeed in claiming full personal glory not just of his own film, but of the entire Second World War?

    Franklin J. Schaffner executes a maneuver of genius directorial subversion with the movie. He is so…

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  • Operation Petticoat

    Operation Petticoat


    “Operation Petticoat” is one of the lesser rah-rah Second World War propaganda films from Hollywood - but it’s also one of the least abrasive.

    “Petticoat” turns the U.S Navy initial invasion of the Philippines from a shaky entry to the Pacific Theatre … and into a guffawing comedy of the sexes. 

    The script is so benignly wrapped in silly jokes between the soldiers and women nurses that it seems even sillier to wonder if there was a war going on…

  • Wake in Fright

    Wake in Fright


    “Wake in Fright” is a film that doesn’t so much fray nerves, as it does flay the skin clear off; roasting the remnants of humanity in the unforgiving outback heat. 

    Director Ted Kotcheff’s Australian New Wave thriller was one of only two films to ever screen twice at Cannes; encoring when its restored 2009 release arrived with an introduction by Martin Scorsese.

     The work was simply too disturbing the first time around. 

    “Fright” depicts the physical, moral and spiritual degradation…

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  • Luca



    Disney, its time to come out of the closet. 

    I understand you are worried about how your family; Russia and China, will perceive you. It’s totally fair that you are concerned about them cutting you off. 

    But you have friends that will support you. 

    Friends, that, you have led along for years now. Most especially since “Frozen.” Friends who believe that you have intentions to live your truest self. 

    I have to say; someone in your position coming out would…

  • The Dig

    The Dig


    “The Dig” is a movie to put on while you sip tea on a comfy couch; letting it slowly lull you into a peaceful nap. 

    There’s little surprising about director Simon Stone’s film. Nothing will astonish you, nothing will shock. The entire outing; about the amateur archeological expedition of Sutton Hoo, cruises along with the assurance of an experienced cab driver going below the speed limit on a back country road. 

    The gentle aural cadences and softly-lit scenic vistas of…