Old ★★½

Old is a well made suspenseful horror from director M.Night Shyamalan, making the use of a really interesting concept, a concept which is really chilling. The concept is used to its very best here, a lot of elements are fleshed out and it’s always really horrifying to watch. The aging is used masterfully, with great choices of direction to hide the aging and then add to the paranoia. I love how thought out the explanations of various things are as well, there’s a lot of developed reasons for why our characters can’t just leave the area. 

The sound design is incredible as well, with some absolutely chilling sounds used to enhance the terror. The direction is great, with the movie looking pretty beautiful in the outdoor sections. I also have to praise heavily the performances from Thomasin McKenzie and Alex Wolff, they are the clear standouts from the actors featured throughout. They both do so well in portraying children, the terror is felt through their performances, they really feel like the younger actors but definitely have their own spin on the characters by portraying their older elements at time. 

Even though this movie has these good elements, I am very mixed on it really. This is mainly because of the absolutely awful script, no one in this movie talks like a real person. Even though McKenzie and Wolff do a great job, sometimes their performance is held back by awful dialogue that makes even the young kids not feel like kids. Everyone in the film talks like a robot, barely showing emotion and just sprouting out random words that somehow become crucial plot developments. Some of the dialogue is really laughable, it makes the film really bad at times, it should be a scary movie but it’s a unintentional comedy at times. 

I also really need to point out the pretty bad ending, it’s a film that goes on for a little bit too long and has about 5 different moments it could of ended but it just keeps chugging on. The ending of the source material is a lot more interesting, playing a lot more into the central theme of death but here M.Night just copies his central twist from Glass. It’s a unneeded ending that adds nothing to the film really. I feel like this is a pretty strong film that is ruined by the ending and the awful script, it’s got a good concept and some chilling use of such but it’s sometimes a unintentional comedy.

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