Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Venom: Let There Be Carnage ★★★★

"No one likes you, DAN!"

Light years better than the first one, helps that we have that origin out of the way and Venom and Eddie can just bicker like the old gay couple that they truly are. Let There Be Carnage is the best RomCom of the year.

This was so fucking funny and action-packed! Basically had a giant smile on my face from minute one. Carnage was the coolest villain to little 10 year old Matt and tbh he's still pretty cool. Definitely '90s EdgeLord' personified, but that's fine, Carnage shouldn't be anything more. 

The whole cast just GOES for it with Hardy clearly having a ball arguing with himself and Harrelson just going apeshit the entire time. God bless Michelle Williams who's very much in on the joke here. I love Anne, she's just so much fun in this. 

Seriously, that's all this movie is, FUN. It's a sequel to Venom, it doesn't need to reinvent the wheel in regards to comic book movies. It's fast-paced, hilarious, and filled with slam bang action sequences. 

Loved it!

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