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  • Distant Voices, Still Lives
  • Silence
  • Brazil
  • Margaret

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  • Under the Shadow

  • Me Before You

  • Yesterday

  • White Elephant

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  • Yesterday


    a world in which no one remembers the film Yesterday because it's

    boringly tame and forgettable
    an extended Ed Sheeran promo
    a jukebox musical but with a charmless lead
    impatient with its own story
    downright complacent from Boyle et al

  • White Elephant

    White Elephant

    Trapero brings a fresh take to the slum centred crime film, in an experiental treatment of organised crime among Argentina's poorest. his elaborately choreographed shots feel nothing less than rough and ready, as if being dropped directly onto the rain drenched streets, stereos thumping reggae ton, stray dogs barking in chorus, everyone just trying to get by while their sons and daughters get their fixes, and the church the only institution showing care and love. but their Catholic dogma makes martyrs out of priests who, through death, are distorted into idols and angry cries for change.

Popular reviews

  • Closer



    makes you think:

    there must be a feature on the dvd where you can listen to the real dialogue, not what the characters say in the film because that must obviously be dubbing. there's no way 4 intelligent actors and 1 brilliant director could let so many awkward lines slip through their nets.

    but alas. there is no such alternate "good dialogue" mix.

  • American Honey

    American Honey


    knock out powerful stuff.

    except for a couple real time sex scenes which take you out. but then entire songs are sung in real time so why not.

    convinced - robbie ryan is the most exciting DoP right now