A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story ★★★

The first two thirds of A Ghost Story was one of the most exquisite works of art I have seen all year.  Intimate, thought provoking, and gorgeously shot.

Then some random character starts delivering a monologue and by the end of it A Ghost Story is so far up it’s own ass that it has become a wheel.  Then the film moves on and starts to get back towards the beautiful poetry it had been before, only to have our Ghost jump off a building and double down on the above mentioned Head in Assening and finish on one of the most self important, nonsensical, poorly conceived final 15 minutes in years.  

The tragedy of this film is that if you removed one monologue and changed the final fifteen minutes to be less smug statment of first year philosophy student “Mind Blowers” and more of the thoughtful meditations without definitive answers that the rest of the film had been, A Ghost Story would easily be in my top 10 probably top 5 films of the year.  But as a reviewer, I need to take the whole film into account when rating it, and unfortunately, while I’m sure A Ghost Story’s final act has its fans, it really does drag it down considerably for me.

All that said, A Ghost Story still gets a recommendation for its stunning 1st hour that the last act can not completely diminish.

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