The Christmas Light ½

I mean, cmon.  Of course.  200% deserving of every last bit of the infamy that it garners

A 22 minute CGI Xmas short, that is desperately attempting to communicate a troubled adult’s obtrusive, never-ending fever dream to an audience of no one....narrated by Dan Haggerty 

There’s just something about The Christmas Light; a stark hopelessness & ominous nothingness that is inexplicable, and only known to us Christmas Light disciples

Never has a seemingly-unassuming, bare bones CGI kiddie short elicited such an outpour of emotion.  The Christmas Light is autism in the form of primitive computer-rendered animation

Fun fact:  I was in a band called Sled 2 for a spell

💩 💡 💡 🎄 💩 🛷 🎅🏿

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Moldy Shit:


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