Dark Future

I absolutely love this movie.  This is easily Greydon Clark’s masterpiece in my opinion.  They way he & his crew are able to take a burnt-out subway terminal in Russia & a meager few acres of barren outdoor space, and create a gripping, fascinating little post-apocalyptic dark sci-fi thriller within that unassuming environment, is quite admirable.  I found myself wanting to know more about the world that Dark Future is set in

The definition of Moldy Shit-meets-Precious Gem.  Cannot recommend this one enough

Oh, and f%#k riff tracks or whatever the hell it’s called 👌🏾🖕🏾🖕🏽


Precious Gems:  boxd.it/4B0pm
Precious Gems:  youtube.com/playlist?list=PLisdJB3rytzKtafcITeKqaTdn7p5KmoN6

Moldy Shit:  boxd.it/4BpPu
Moldy Shit:  youtube.com/playlist?list=PLisdJB3rytzJ5Ba0X0JqjVN7S0YPV4-Ar

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