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  • Island City

    Island City


    A wonderful & fascinating dystopian sci-fi pilot from 1994, starring Sue Ellen Mishkee & Tobi from Seinfeld, that (very sadly) was not picked up

    Penned by prolific tv writer Jonathan Glassner, and directed by my main boi Jorge Montesi.  This is definitely one of the better efforts from both

    In a nutshell:  Sometime in the 21st century, the earth has devolved into an apocalyptic hellscape.  An ‘eternal youth’ serum is administered to every human on earth.  Everything goes swimmingly for the first…

  • Moon Man

    Moon Man


    ...my tender heart shed tears of straw-hewn gold for this masterpiece of aching whimsy..

    It’s been quite a long while since this ancient soul has experienced something so magnificently beautiful

    Moon Man is the all the best parts of my non-cathartic childhood dreamstates, crammed tastefully into an hour & a half of unsullied, multicoloured euphoria

    Perfection.  Shamefully underrated & ignored.  I don’t trust anyone who has anything negative to say about this ode to graceful, moonlit innocence, but I would sincerely hope…

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