They Live Inside Us

They Live Inside Us ★½

There's some really nice Halloween imagery in this film. The lighting effects in the streets matching the Halloween decorations from the houses, is nicely presented. There's plenty of moments where a freeze frame might make a nice background pic for your computer.
The story however, is not quite as focused or polished. We have the typical author staying in a mysterious house to get inspiration for his next book and finds himself part of a haunting story of his own. This allows for a few shorts within the feature, with our author testing out story concepts. And this is where the charm disappears. Each fragmented story the film switches too, is a lady being hunted by some demented sadist in a costume, either a burn victim wearing a kitty cat mask, a mangled nosed clown, or a scarecrow. There's not to much different about them and none of them lead to anything.
Not concluding or following through with any of those side bits, disconnects from the main story, stretching it longer than it should. This feels like talking to a senior citizen who cannot say focused enough to finish one story. The film even repeats the generic narration about how everyone has a story, blah, blah, blah, three times and it is not even interesting the first time.
I wish this had a better script and maybe some better cast choices too (our lead is also the producer and writer), because there is some confident filming technically taking place here. It's just never focused enough to stay interesting enough to follow through.

31 Days of Horror Day 3, Movie 3