JP Fournier

JP Fournier is one of the two hosts of the movie podcast, The Movie Jerks. "Learning to love the movies you hate... or hate them more."

Favorite films

  • Cinema Paradiso
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • A Night at the Opera
  • Seven Samurai

Recent activity

  • My Christmas Family Tree


  • Dashing in December


  • A Christmas Duet


  • I Trapped the Devil


Recent reviews

  • My Christmas Family Tree

    My Christmas Family Tree


    When Vanessa finds out the results of a blood test, connects her to a father she never met and his loving family, she sets off to meet them right before the holidays. And as she making herself at home with this new family, starts falling for a handsome friend of that family, and starts learning about herself in the process, details of her mother’s and father’s past start to not add up.
    Typical Hallmark Christmas movie, filling the empty script…

  • Dashing in December

    Dashing in December


    Gay rom/com has the production value slightly above the Hallmark Christmas movie but delivering a script that is not as aware of itself as the Hallmark ones.
    Most of the dialogue is characters calling each other by what they use to be back when they were in high school, “Hello Captain of the Cheerleading team”. Even the mother of these 30 somethings calls one of her employees, “Hello Valid Victorian, prom queen.” None of these character traits drops in the…

Popular reviews

  • 8-Bit Christmas

    8-Bit Christmas


    This completely worked for me... by the end.
    What is considered a modern version of “A Christmas Story”, we have another Canadian director Michael Dowse (“Fubar”, “THe F-Word” and “Goon”), taking the chair from Bob Clark (“A Christmas Story”, “Black Christmas”, and “Porkys”) in telling a nostalgic Christmas story about a child’s desperately wanting a special Christmas gift that adults warn him about being bad for his health. This time instead of the infamous eye poking out "official Red Ryder,…

  • Possessor


    Brandon Cronenberg has certainly delivered something more sadistic and darker than his father’s past works. However, like his father, he still offers a feature with incredible imagination, believable characters, and a thought-provoking tale, and not to forget, some exceptionally nasty body horror.

    “Possessor” brings us into the works of an assassin, Tasya Vos, who can possess and control people’s bodies to terminate some high-profile targets. When she gets trapped inside the mind of one assignment, her reality and sense of…