Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ★★★★

Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a film I've seen countless times, and I still enjoy with each watch, but despite the bigger budget and scale, Scott Pilgrim feels like a step backwards from Wright's Cornetto trilogy of smaller, British comedies.

This might be due to the fact, Scott Pilgrim is aimed much more at teenagers, who grew up with Nintendo and stuff, which is fine, but it lacks what made Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End so special. I just feel like a maybe growing out of this film a little, which is a shame, because this is a film I've been watching fairly consistently for the past 7 years (Fuck me, this is 7 years old).

After rewatching the Cornetto Trilogy then this, it feels a lot less mature, filled with weaker and easier jokes. Not to say Scott Pilgrim isn't funny, there are a hell of a lot of gags that land, but quite a few are just a bit.... shit. I remember liking a lot of the comic-book and video-game influences that come off the screen like the "Pee bar", but again, now, it's just a bit shit.

To be more positive, Scott Pilgrim truly does feel like an Edgar Wright film. It's fast-paced, well edited and filled with beautifully chereographed action. Each of the battles with the "Evil Ex's" each have their own unique style and feel, making each fight different and exciting.

Michael Cera was born to play Scott Pilgrim, the loveable nerd and slacker who has to fight his way through the love of his life's 7 evil ex's in order to win her heart. It's not out of the way of most Cera roles, but he slips effortlessy into the role, giving us a loveable protagonist to root for.

Like all Wright films, the supporting cast are all fantastically memorable, such as Keiran Culkin as Scott's gay roommate, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Scott's love interest Ramona. Then there's the evil ex's, each of which are great. The standout being Chris Evan's as an egotistical action film star who is ultimately defeated by his own ego.

The soundtrack is great too, with mostly original songs from the film's fictional band 'Sex Bob-omb', a garage rock band delivering surprisingly good music for what they're meant to be. Brie Larson's cover of Black Sheep is also excellent in of the film's more memorable musical pieces.

I do really appreciate how unique and different Scott Pilgrim is. It really has its own distinct style that was a really hard sell for a mainstream audience, leading to it being a huge flop and only making half its budget, despite strong reviews. As much as it doesn't hold up like I'd want it to, there's no denying there's no other film like this.

Scott Pilgrim is Edgar Wright's weakest work, but is still a great comic-book film, a fast, fun and unique ride that's unlike anything you've ever seen. A stylish rush of pure hipster adrenaline.

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