Patricia Highsmith

Climax!: "To Scream at Midnight" (1956)

77 Sunset Strip: "One False Step" (1958) episode based on STRANGERS ON A TRAIN

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: "Annabel" (1962) with Dean Stockwell, televised by Robert Bloch, based on THIS SWEET SICKNESS

The Wednesday Thriller: "The Cellar" (1965)

The South Bank Show: "A Gift for Murder" (1982) scenes from the Ripley novels

Trip nach Tunis (1993) German TV movie based on THE TREMOR OF FORGERY

Petits contes misògins (1995) Spanish TV movie based on LITTLE TALES OF MISOGYNY

La rançon du chien (1996) French TV movie based on A DOG'S RANSOM

Read notes
  • Strangers on a Train
  • Purple Noon
  • Enough Rope
  • Once You Kiss a Stranger...
  • The American Friend
  • This Sweet Sickness
  • The Glass Cell
  • Deep Water
  • Tiefe Wasser
  • Edith's Diary
  • Die Zwei Gesichter Des Januar
  • The Cry of the Owl
  • Throw Momma From the Train
  • The Story Teller
  • Once You Meet a Stranger
  • The Talented Mr. Ripley
  • Ripley's Game
  • Ripley Under Ground
  • The Cry of the Owl
  • The Two Faces of January
  • A Mighty Nice Man
  • Carol
  • A Kind of Murder
  • Deep Water