The Happening

The Happening ★★★

haven't seen this since high school when i remember joining in the pile-on of how ridiculous the whole thing was but years later many of its creepier images like the bodies falling, the lawnmower, the suicide oner, etc have stuck with me so i decided to give it another go. still has this strange tonal whiplash courtesy of the combination of flatly sincere performances, bizarre writing that gestures towards old b-movies and a terrifying, modern immediacy to fujimoto's photography (especially when the sudden, grisly acts of violence occur) but i have to admit it hits harder during a literal pandemic. captures a very specific, genuinely chilling mood of unreality amidst social breakdown and on rewatch its clear the movie is not inept but has a perverse sense of humor about human confusion and panic that sometimes got a bit lost in translation.

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