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This review may contain spoilers.

i think what lowery is going for here is admirable, a very stylishly somber journey of cathartic, anti-climactic acceptance (complete with a finale ripped straight from The Last Temptation of Christ) drawn in this sort of fantasy nightmare odyssey of deceptively graceful camera moves and beautiful, evolving lighting setups. he handles the fantasy elements with a genuine sense of awe and even foregrounds the walking simulator element of these stories in a way that makes it scary and arduous. i guess my ultimate issue here is that despite how good it looks this is edited in a really strange way that makes its several mythic, episodic encounters incredibly monotonous after awhile. and at a certain point the slowness stops being The Point (let's say as a counterpoint to john boorman's more unhinged and exciting Excalibur, anyway) and instead it turns the text into a bit of a one. perfect. shot. roller coaster experience that left me a bit distant from the catharsis and undercuts instead of illuminates what i imagine were meant to be the brutal, existential contradictions of how to reconcile being real, flawed person and a Good Knight™. (spoiler alert: you can't.) but in fairness it's a beautiful roller coaster.

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