A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master ★★★

not really doing anything the previous one didn't do better with regard to the group therapy through horror fantasy images/setpieces but at the very least there's an attempt at characters (unlike where i am at this point in the Friday the 13th movies lol) and even though freddy has officially gone full silly one-liner mode the body horror is still strong and the kills are getting incredibly goofy and inventive in ways that makes it work; the "no pain, no gain" one where the girl's arms are torn off while she's lifting and she starts turning into a cockroach that freddy then crushes is an easy highlight. and though i think chuck russell's skills were better suited to the horror material renny harlin is one of my favourite dumbass-who-actually-kinda-owns filmmakers and he exercises almost every visual trick he can think of (the primary colors, insane sets, at one point a girl flies inside a movie screen and the camera dolly zooms through a giant hole in freddy's torso) as well as the occasional 80s rock action vibe as the kids fight back that keeps this moving along just fine.