WALL·E ★★★★½

This is what happens if we keep using Plastic Straws.
WALL-E is a tribute to what has been and a warning of what is to come.
As Pixar has matured, they haven't been afraid to get into darker territory and nothing defines dark like a self inflicted apocalypse.
WALL-E has so much to it, its a story about love, about the environment and about society and where it could be heading.
With fantastic characters and a overwhelming feeling of zeitgeist, this truly shows the power of animation. Where there are no limits, you can use that as a tool to make your message as powerful as it can be.
It's also a beautiful and colourful film filled with comedy and sci-fi.
Not bad for a 'kids film'...
Watched as part of The Prince Charles Cinema Pixar Marathon.

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