Survival Skills

Survival Skills ★★★★

Now We Are the Same.
What begins as a regular old-school police training video quickly evolves into utter chaos in the existential Survival Skills.
Following Jim in his first year as an officer, he begins to question his passion for the role rebelling against the upbeat training video narrative and as he loses his grip on reality so does the film, becoming more meta, frightening, and full of painful realism with every scene.
What I must commend Survival Skills on is its commitment to the style. As it begins to escalate out of control it still maintains the 90s instructional video approach even if the glossiness fades away showing the depressing truth behind being in the police force.
Reminding me of Too Many Cooks, Survival Skills is an impressively produced downward spiral that you cannot look away from which somehow left me pleasantly surprised yet alarmingly depressed.

Raindance Film Festival 2020: Film 2

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