Suspiria ★★★★★

The original Suspiria didn't need a remake. That Call me by your Name fella made one anyway. He worked out what was the core of the story and changed up everything around it to create an intriguing companion piece. It almost feels like antimatter to the 1977 version, it's the Spiderman: Homecoming approach to remakes if you will.

It goes like this:
Did you like the twisted fairytale version of Munich? This time it is the very real Baader-Meinhof ridden West Berlin of the 1970s.
Did you like the stylised lighting? Well, here everything looks hyper-realistic and bleak (while still having a distinct artstyle).
Did you wish there was more ballet? Kinda good news for you, this one is all about dancing - as a sort of animalistic performance art.
The list goes on.

I didn't expect this many moments of warmth and compassion, especially the psychiatrist's stroyline is nothing short of moving. This is at all times contrasted with the ever-present Berlin Wall. What I found most powerful about this interpretation is how our protagonist just goes with Madame Blanc's guidance, as she finally found her place in life. To be clear, this film is extremely graphic and it made me flinch quite often.

Apparently, Luca Guadagnino is designated to remake Scarface. If he keeps hitting those homeruns, I won't complain about a lack of originality. Afterwards, maybe he can tackle Phenomena. Can't wait to see him tell the story from the chimpanzee's point of view. Only this time, it'll be a lizard man who is portrayed by Jennifer Connelly in make-up. Because why not?

Tilda Swinton MVP.

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