Tenet ★★★½

** Christopher Nolan’s new release has inadvertently posed as a film that will decide whether cinema will recover from Covid. **

- "Tenet" went out to the cinemas and encountered a mixed response; over the last 20 years, Christopher Nolan has become one of Hollywood’s greatest directors. Whether he deals with major franchises like "The Dark Knight", tells imaginative stories like "Inception" or a pulsating war movie like "Dunkirk", his films are always among the most anticipated films of every year. Traditionally, hype also comes with stellar reviews.

Delayed three times due to the corona virus pandemic, „Tenet“ had already taken shape as the premiere film event of the year, before a particular global pandemic turned it into something closer to the Holy Grail: an unknown, elusive object of intrigue, whose enigmatic appeal intensified as it moved further and further away from the extinct release schedule. It’s an absurd way to look at any film, but amid business panic and frustration over its chronic procrastination, one wonders if director Christopher Nolan was secretly at least a little amused by the heightened mystique surrounding it all. The hit artist, who in the best of times tries to keep his works in a ceremonial secret, ended up releasing his 11th film in a completely untidy environment. The concrete horn of plenty of global chaos and threat, in which the survival of humanity depends on the minor importance of reshaping time and space, "Tenet" seems well adapted to the troubled age.

Time - a terrible problem - which the greatest minds have been trying to understand for centuries. Physicists, philosophers, theologians, time is always a problem. Man's greatest enemy, transience or time, death. Time, a mystery that is felt but not understood. Don't try to understand but feel. If you try to understand it, it hides, if not, it is there, present. St. Augustine writes: "Until no one asks me, I know; if I should explain it, I don't know." Don't try to understand him, feel him.

Nolan always presents "events", not movies - shot under such secrecy and with such complexity, critics and audiences salute every crumb he throws at us. In his own words: “Tenet” is a spy thriller with the protagonist, who is admitted to a secret organization known as “Tenet.” It is about saving the world from the powerful Russian arms dealer Andrei (Kenneth Branagh), who could go back and forth. in time.

The protagonist John David Washington (known only as the Protagonist) was explained the concept of "time inversion" and instructed in a strictly confidential mission to save the world. He was joined by his British colleague Neil (Robert Pattinson), whose origins have always been a mystery. The mission takes him to places, including Mumbai, where he breaks into the house of a wealthy arms dealer for information where his wife Priya (Dimple Kapadia) gives him secret clues that cannot always be trusted. But only when he meets Andrej's estranged wife Kat (Elizabeth Debicki), does he realize the full potential of how complex and dangerous the situation is. The script of the film constantly underlines and explains its layered plot about time-reversing technology. Fortunately, it does so with stunning cinematography (Hoite Van Hoitem) and action-packed scenes performed with natural flair and finesse. The idea of ​​going back to the past where everything moves backwards creates visually appealing images. And the original result in the background (Ludwig Goransson) is unique and impressive to build the right amount of urgency and tension.

It took Nolan more than five years to write the screenplay after considering the central ideas of "Tenet" for almost a decade. The roles were awarded in March 2019, and the film was shot in Denmark, Estonia, India, Italy, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States, starting in May of the same year. His new film "Tenet" was sure to be one of the most talked about films in 2020, and the discussion about the film grew only because of the landscape of its release. As the first big hit released after the coronavirus, all eyes were on "Tenet" and its performance at the box office. In many ways, the focus on his performance and whether it should have been released or not has now preceded the debate about Tenet itself, especially since the film reached a smaller audience than expected.

If Nolan's film "Dunkirk" caused post-traumatic stress disorder due to the three-dimensional depiction (earth, air, water) of war events, "Interstellar" caused the viewer's emotions due to the message that love is the only value that transcends space and time, then "Tenet" is a reflection of time in which we live. Our reality is still not faced with a threat that could soon wipe out an entire civilization (or perhaps fight all the time with various threats as the film suggests), but insecurity and nervousness can be felt in everyday life.

For any other director, "Tenet" might feel like an audition for the famous spy franchise about "James Bond", but Nolan doesn't need to prove that he can make a Bond film. Instead, he proved that there is no such thing as a Christopher Nolan film. When it comes to smart and spectacular hits with a sci-fi twist, no one does it better. Which really means Nolan set himself a high ladder. Although "Tenet" is not a perfect film, there is no doubt that this film will mark this 2020, and attract a lot of attention from film fans around the world.

So, this is not about some "big miracle" from the film, which will leave us shocked after watching and force us to watch it multiple times, without diminishing its quality in some fields, but "Tenet" lacks not only characters, but also the truth. The very meticulousness of Nolan's grand-canvas aesthetics enchants, as if to make up for the stray loose threads and teasing paradoxes of his script - or perhaps just to underline that they are not so important. "Tenet" is not the holy grail, but regardless of its strict, solemn posing, it is a dizzying, expensive party of the old and new school. John David Washington is the man of the hour, and Nolan constructed another thriller with great precision. But if you are still not ready to return to the cinemas, you have all the time in the world to see "Tenet" somewhere else.

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