Liked reviews

I loved how out there this one was. It was definitely right up my alley!

The last movie we watched at the fantasy film fest and it certainly delivered! The folklore elements are intriguing and the lead actress gives a compelling performance. Also it has a scene of a female character covered in blood sporting a deranged grin what more can you want.

Two interesting areas of horror I wasn’t formerly aware of: Welsh and environmental.

This movie has great atmosphere, utilizing its setting and surroundings to continuously build up tension. It culminates into a fantastic final third.

The Welsh really know how to do horror. Makes me want to go vegan.

Definitely a slow burn here, with the creeping style of cinematography, with plotting which is at times subtle. But it's escalation is well conceived and multilayered, with a satisfying climax. It's eco-forward, folk-positive mindset prefers to permeate at pace rather than beat you over the head.

Not a bad effort at all as a first feature, it drips with atmosphere and goes in a direction I didn’t see coming.

Attention, friends who are too squeamish for horror: THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. Learn from my mistakes and just don't go there.

Anyway I LOVED THIS, I ENJOYED IT A LOT, I am ready to watch Annes Elwy in anything until the end of time. Except another horror film. Please.