Tenet ★★½

Oh yeah... 
Christopher Nolan.

Every set piece before the last is super fucking smart and super fucking cool.
Those moments were of course exhilarating.
That middle scene - wild.

But jesus every moment in between was muddled expository fodder.
Each line of dialogue an endless outright tell-all drowned in seat shaking music.

The best example I can give is this:
A Christopher Nolan movie has the line, in no level of comedy or irony, “If I can’t have you, no one can!”

If there was no cool time inversion stuff, this film would’ve been a 007 snooze fest.
And these sequences of dialogue in between, that seem to endlessly lead from one piece of misleading information to another piece of misleading information, do pull the film down to this snooze level of seemingly endless conversation.

I do respect the film and it’s incredible use of practical effects. These are no fucking joke. They’re awesome.
The set pieces all up to the final one really are a spectacle.
The final one to me felt a bit underwhelming.
Endless gunshots back and forth with cool watches and Flag Football/Team Fortress 2 team markers doesn’t do much for me.
I think if Nolan really dedicated himself to the inverted world and one perspective this final scene could’ve been wild.
But the half and half-back and forth felt noisy and somewhat stakeless.

End of the day I give Tenet a big shrug.
Very cool action scenes and theories.
Exhausting characters and story.

I can’t wait for Warner Bros to re-release this backwards in IMAX one day.

Thank you Chris for the creative explosions.

(Go see it though. Keep the theaters alive.)

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