The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★½

What a great movie. After that I was really angered to have missed it in the cinema. I laughed, marveled, excited and never knew where the humorous journey would go - a great strength of the film. In addition to its beauty, charm and wit. All of this, plus an all-star cast of old Anderson acquaintances and new stars, makes the trip to an imaginary republic and a dreamlike grand hotel so worth seeing, experiencing, and feeling. This is how cinema should be. Anderson's big hit ?!
Despite the huge, incredible cast, we largely follow the story of Zero and his teacher, boss and friend Monsieur Gustave. The film contains or is told in, as is so often the case with Anderson, several narrative levels, chapters, times. This contributes to the dreamy mood and retro-fantastic atmosphere, in addition to the successful scenery and the exquisite furnishings.
You just like most, no, even everyone (including the bad guys!), Characters, or at least find something ingenious about them. If you combine that with clever dialogues and a Ralph Fiennes whom you would never have believed thta he had such a comedy talent, then you have one of the best films of 2014.
Sometimes minimally too playful or in the direction of slapstick (sledge tracking, for example), but after that the tone, somewhat darker than usual, made up for it. Minimal style over substance, but I forgive the epic, which towards the end strikes even surprisingly dark, realistic, warlike and sad tones by SS-like occupiers. For me it's pure cinema and a successful escape into a long forgotten, past golden era.
Magical hotel, magical Anderson, magical cast, magical film! The cream on Wes Anderson filmography and typical he. But if you haven't been a fan yet, the Grand Budapest Hotel certainly won't!

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