Bill & Ted Face the Music ★★★

Although a fan of the first two films, I was still skeptical when it was said that “Bill & Ted 3” was really going to happen. And the first pictures and trailers didn't immediately turn into enthusiasm. In addition, the (too) late sequels and reboots ("Jay and Silent Bob"), which (lately) have really been screwed up, are simply frighteningly outnumbered, seem outdated and unnecessary. But "Bill & Ted Face The Music" is a worthy continuation of the saga, a successful end to the series and a very fun trip into simpler times ... Synopsis: The success of the Wild Stallions lasted only for a short time and now, decades after their first Adventures through time and space, Bill and Ted are still standing side by side (including their two medieval princesses and now two very similar daughters), but also still facing the larger-than-life task of finally writing the song and getting on their feet that should unite humanity and bring it "in tune". But when they once again fail, the time levels begin to fluctuate and there are only a few minutes left...
“Bill & Ted face the Music” could have been really bad, as the two predecessors already danced on several razor-sharp razor blades and the humor always seemed very “from that time”. In addition, Reeves and Winter are now really much older, have had nothing to do with their roles for a long time and actually "Bogus Journey" already found a very round conclusion in its credits. But despite all these obstacles: the thing works. Keanu and Alex can still do it, seem a bit more grounded and wiser, maybe even more personable than ever. William Sadler is dead chic again and hasn't forgotten anything either. Samara Weaving and Brigette Lundy-Paine are great as the two daughters. And there are again a lot of crazy ideas and jokes, from banal and naive to stupid to surprisingly clever.
A new generation rocks, it travels through time including a number of famous personalities / musicians, it goes back towards the afterlife and fortunately there are even some old friends and smaller pillars of the franchise with it. I don't even want to start with insiders and Easter eggs. As a long-time fan, all of this makes me smile more than just a few times. And the positive energy and mood with which this successful number revue bubbles over simply cannot be ignored or talked away. And especially in such an often seemingly very hateful time and society, two guys like Bill and Ted simply cannot be valued highly enough. They are real, kind-hearted role models - perhaps at the same time the dumbest and best one can have.
The unexpected often comes! "Bill & Ted Face The Music" takes many elements of its predecessors together, modernizes them and brings the trilogy to a good end. Naive, colorful, funny. Exactly what fans want. And need more than ever right now. Makes the world a little better!

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