The Pornographer

oooh a movie where a poor innocent "socially inept" accidental child predator named paul ryan(!) gets swept up in the wild world of pornography!! when the stand-in feminist character starts lecturing paul ryan about women being sex objects and sex abuse in porn by saying "most women in the sex industry come from broken homes or were sexually abused as children, are these really the women you want to EXPLOIT?" i passed away! the porn industry always gets flattened into neat and easy categories by pro and antis as if it's not complex and doesn't deserve nuance and this is def pretty egregious about it lol. kind of insane that the man who directed this also did akeelah and the bee?? the main guy who plays the spineless pathetic loser is now a swole personal trainer. honestly he was pretty good in it but it's just too loud and obvious about its plot and themes!

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