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  • Christine



    Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett?

  • Halloween II

    Halloween II


    “More Of The Night He Came Home” is probably the best tagline ever written, as Halloween II is really just a far more explosive and slightly ill-fitting expansion or companion to the first film. Rick Rosenthal does a fine imitation of John Carpenter’s slow-paced, lingering direction but the emphasis on gratuitous violence undermines what made Michael Myers so iconic, even with Dick Warlock’s perfect, inhumane performance as The Shape and Dean Cundey’s cinematography. This extends to the story too -…

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  • Drive



    “There’s no good sharks?” 

    Drive is a movie reflective of its protagonist. It’s quiet, simplistic, compassionate, stylish; but not without moments of extreme anxiety-filled and adrenaline-fuelled violence that throw you into the reactionary deep-end.

    P.S. Ryan Gosling looks just like John Travolta when he wears the mask at the end

  • Army of the Dead

    Army of the Dead


    Feels perfectly setup to be a flashier echo of Romero’s anti-consumerist themes in the original Dawn of the Dead, but is instead pretty straightforward and substance-less outside of an emotional core that did very little for me. I’d be fine with this if this wasn’t one of Snyder’s least stylistically and visually indulgent outputs.  A ridiculous colour palette and more of Snyder’s exaggerated action scenes really would have strived here and made the crazier story-beats hit harder. I’m shocked this…