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  • The Butterfly Effect

    The Butterfly Effect

    Miracle son
    Only one
    Survivor of three
    Only me

    Shoehorned into existence
    Soulless persistence
    I was never supposed to be here -
    A plague to those I hold dear

    What's my purpose here?
    A shadow that paints corners bright, so you can see silhouettes at night?
    Can I help those who can't see the light?
    Can I stop this fight?

    The trauma never ends
    No time to mend
    It doesn't even phase me anymore
    I can't even remember anymore


  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver

    This review is for Special Agent Cooper. He is always so nice to me, and it means the world to me. One of his favorite movies is Baby Driver. Looking at his Last.fm you call tell that he loves Deftones. In the spirit of Baby Driver, and Special Agent Cooper, this review will be in lyrics:

    "This town don't feel mine,
    I'm fast to get away.

    I dressed you in her clothes,
    Now drive me far away.

    It feels good…

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  • May


    This movie understands loneliness a lot better than most.

    Whenever you've been alone for so long, you start to long for human touch. Some of you may have read about the scientific study at Yale that suggests that people who take frequent, long, warm showers or baths tend to be lonelier than folks who spend less time bathing and like cooler water. The scientists speculate that physical warmth, such as a shower or bath, is a form of self-therapy to…

  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    "... And the angels wouldn't help you... Because they've all gone away."

    The way this movie handles trauma and darkness consuming someone is truly astounding. I feel like anyone who has experienced trauma or real darkness in their life would absolutely love this movie. There's a lot to appreciate even if you haven't: The performances, the beautiful writing, the work of the sound team, the score, the enchanting cinematography, and the direction and vision of Lynch. I love everything about…