Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★★

Not much to add to the millions of words given to a classic, other than this time I really noticed how the visuals are given precedence over everything. There's two scenes where the film halts and discusses - the long one that introduces the concept of the ark and another a third of the way through when Indy and Sallah get the headpiece analyzed - and otherwise everything is about motion, explanation be damned. Despite having seen this over a dozen times over the years, it never occurred to me that I can't really map exactly how the factions of villains in Cairo operate, why their assaults on Indiana ebb and flow the way they do, if they're all Nazis or in their employ or what (the guy with the eyepatch seems to be some kind of independent contractor? Where does he go?)

Doesn't matter. When the pictures do enough walking you don't miss the talking. Then the film whittles everything down to its most basic elements and enters a perfect home stretch starting at the truck sequence and barely pausing until that warehouse.