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  • Wayne's World

    Wayne's World


    Garth is my spirit animal

  • Cigarette Burns

    Cigarette Burns



    The big question one will inevitably ask themselves during and after this movie is: Would I watch “La Fin Absolue du Monde” ? 

    I’d guess some hardcore horror fans or film fans in general would foam at the mouth to see a movie with such a heavy reputation. Personally, although it certainly is alluring, I would not watch it. There’s already a handful of hardcore exploitation films I don’t care to see. I enjoy…

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  • The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

    The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It


    So in this third installment they are changing it up a bit and not doing the whole haunted house thing. It’s okay to do something different and actually I think it had a solid storyline. But it just didn’t have the same type of scares I’d come to enjoy about the first two. Haunted houses are one of my favorite sub-genres so drifting from that and not nailing the change left me a bit disappointed. 

    On the plus side it…

  • Scanners: The Showdown

    Scanners: The Showdown


    As expected, this one was slightly better than the first Scanner Cop. Patrick Kilpatrick (ummm…awesome name btw) is a thoroughly entertaining foe and the migraine inspiring kills are quite the sight to behold. A really cool horror gem from the mid-90’s.