Tenet ★★

Tenet is the film equivalent of trying to remember a dream 5 minutes after you wake up, and putting it into comprehensible words. Nolan definitely had something that he thought was going to change the action blockbuster, but in the end, he just ended up making a muddled and shallow Bond rip-off. The acting is fine, but none of the characters are in the least bit likable or interesting. They feel like hollow shells, where their only purpose is to explain the plot (which they don't even go a good job of because everybody has a different accent and the background noise is always louder than the dialogue). Maybe I just need to watch it with subtitles, but even then, that doesn't fix just how rudimentary the characters are.

The pacing is absolutely abysmal, as every scene is just the main guy visiting a person, and them explaining something to him, just to never show up again. There's no humor, no personal stakes, nothing to make me remotely care about what's going on. Sure, it's a cool movie on a technical level, but I didn't care about anything happening, even if it was supposed to be jaw dropping. It's just, overall, a major disappointment. But who knows? Maybe a rewatch with subs on will improve the experience. I definitely plan to watch this again at some point. 4/10

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