Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

oh man. i don’t like talking about it at all, but as someone who has been taken advantage of sexually before, i went into this film with immense trepidation, worried about how it would impact me. as it stands, i’m willing to put aside my personal feelings as to what i hoped this movie would be and appreciate it instead for the complicated treatise on catharsis that it is, which it ultimately succeeds at being. i think the marketing to this movie is very misleading; this isn’t really an empowering revenge thriller, but rather a devastatingly sad look at the emotional toll that seeking justice can have on a person. Mulligan conveys this all-consuming desperation magnificently, searching for a deliverance from her past that she might never truly find. the fraught path to redemption that Cassie nosedives into is equally compelling and unsettling, all leading to one of the most upsetting finales in recent memory. although this movie wasn’t what i thought it would be, and even though certain parts of this film brought me back to one of the worst points in my life, i’m appreciative that it exists. it’s interesting to see art that is this challenging and subversive, deliberately blocking its audience from receiving the relief they deserve. definitely will be thinking about this one for a long time.

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