The Descent

The Descent ★★★★½

Horroctober #5

You will find this movie on most top ten horror movie lists on the internet. They say that every horror fan should watch this. I watched it, and holy fucking shit. This is a movie that uses it's jump scares effectively. There are three jump scares where my lamptop almost flew across the room. I made a gasp sound with one jump scare. I normally don't do that. Most of the time I make a spastic gesture with my arms. When a horror movie can make me jump like that. Great fucking job.

Now, the movie is divided into two halfs. The first one is an adventure like thriller. Then, the second half comes along. And from then on out it's nail biting scene after nail biting scene. The movie doesn't take a break from the horror. It just went full crazy with the creatures. And I love when a horror movie does that. It gives you exactly what you want.

And of course, I have to applaud the performances. They where all terrific. Each character also slowely descends into madness. But you have to see the movie in order to understand why.

Looking for an adventure with nail biting horror sequences? Give this one a watch...

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