Tenet ★★★★

It's one of those movies that I'm going to have to give at least another re-watch before deciding how consistently written the plot is, the whole time loop system is pretty complex in this movie.

Pushing that aside for a bit though, Nolan is an extremely talented filmmaker, obviously. Tenet is certainly another great flick of his but certainly far from his best if you ask me. Every Nolan film has a phenomenal concept behind it, but how that concept is explored through it's characters can very much determine the script's quality. The Prestige and Memento are excellent examples of layered meaningful films that are delivered to you from characters who feel very well developed. Both those movies have those excellent pay-offs to those amazing concepts, but both Lenny from Memento & the magicians in The Prestige feel like natural characters in those universes. Tenet unfortunately, whilst having a fantastic selection of cast, does not achieve having those layered characters, despite having the awesome time loop concept behind it. There just didn't feel like there was enough explored into how these characters felt about the situations they were forced into and the dialogue was extremely exposition heavy which seemed to get in the way a little bit I think.

With my criticsm of the characters aside I still can't give this film anything lower than a 4/5. The choreography, score, cinematotography, acting & Nolan's overall fantastic film making are undeniably outstanding. Definitely check this one out when you can.

(Feels GOOD to be back in the cinema btw)