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  • Megan Is Missing

    Megan Is Missing

    Boy, this is just porn-quality acting based around 2 freaky pictures and one 20 minute segment of torture. There is so much wasted time here with shitty dialogue of these 14 year olds blowing each other and doing coke. It’s definitely important to show the dangers the internet, but this is exploitative and dumb. None of this is realistic and it’s just so goddamn cringey. I’d be content if I never watch this one again.

  • Face/Off



    It’s hard to believe a movie like this exists. It even harder to believe that this movie is generally well-acclaimed with high ratings from critics. Baffling. However, this is easily one of the most entertaining movie experiences I’ve ever been through. Seeing Nick Cage and John Travolta acting like each other acting like themselves is tremendously hilarious and actually pretty damn impressive. The science and logic is nowhere to be found as things just happen with no explanation. The action…

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  • Murder by Death

    Murder by Death


    First things first, I don’t think that Peter Sellers’ performance as Japanese detective Sidney Wang has aged all that well. Aside from the blatant racism, this was a fun parody film with a lot of good gags and some I could take or leave. This cast is a hilarious together and all bring something great to the film, especially Falk, who always seems to steal the show. Lots of zany bits and wacky mishaps throughout made this a very entertaining…

  • In the Heat of the Night

    In the Heat of the Night


    An engaging thriller heading on the issues of equal rights for black people in the heat of the Civil Rights Movement. Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger butt heads very well on screen and portray an interesting and developing relationship over the course of the story that I enjoyed. The mystery of the murder is intriguing and although doesn’t quite have the smartness of some others, the race-related obstacles Tibbs has to navigate add a layer to this film often unpaired with this genre. Certainly an important film from the 60s whose message continues to resonate today.