Massacre in Dinosaur Valley ★★★

Mileage may vary when it comes to Massacre in dinosaur valley. If you are expecting a riproaring djungleadventure you will be most diappointed. The story about Michael Sopkiw and company getting stranded in the jungle and chased by cannibals is quite pedestrian, there is nothing here that you haven't seen before, and better. But it is one of the last genuine Italien cannibal movies until Bruno Mattei made his cheapos twenty tears later. It is shot in an actual jungle and does feature some gore and a shitload of naked flesh at any given time. And it has a killer soundtrack which is lifted straight from Blastfighter. It's no Cannibal holocaust but it's a decent timewaster and Michael Sopkiw does make a compelling hero. One star less if you have no interest in Italian exploitation from the 80:s. And the planecrash is the beginning of the movie is hilarious, it looks like they put some weeds in front of the camera and threw a model plane in a puddle of water.

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