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  • Zatoichi in Desperation

    Zatoichi in Desperation


    This is incredible dark. It doesn't have the most lethal villain from Zatoichi; but this is the nastiest villain. This one felt like a 70s revenge film. It also features some experimental camera techniques. I love the scene were the lady falls thru the bridge. It goes into a crazy psychedelic shot.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog

    Sonic the Hedgehog


    Compared to other video game adaptations, this was not bad. In fact, it was a good movie. We don't get an explanation about why was Sonic being protected by an owl and being hunted down in his world. I hope we get to see it in the next movie. Jim Carrey embraces the human cartoon that is Dr. Robotnik.
    I love the idea that Sonic does not want to leave earth for the Mushroom Kingdom.

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  • Logan




    We only got see the first 40 minutes of this film. If the rest of the movie is a good or better than those 40 minutes then this could be the best comic book film since the dark knight. I was shocked of how dress down this film is for an xmen film. It seems like a personal film about wolverine.
    Also this movie is going to live up to its hard R rating. Wolverine…

  • A Cure for Wellness

    A Cure for Wellness



    It's been a long time since Gore Verbinski has made a horror film (not since the Ring) This film is about this ambitious stock trader that is given the task to find the companies CEO that has gotten a mental breakdown and checks himself into a Sanitorium in Switzerland. When he gets there he starts noticing there is something wrong with this place. There are a lot water drinking and eels. The film is extremely creepy. You can't miss this film.