Tenet ★★★

TENET truly brought out the very best and the very worst of Mr Nolan.

Ultimately a film consisting of truly incredible cinematic achievements in the way of visual effects and cinematography whilst at the same time consisting of absolutely abysmal qualities including unbearable and inexcusably poor sound mixing, and (I'm just gonna state facts here..) a diabolically over-complicated, self-indulgent and selfish story and narrative. What I mean by 'selfish' is that this narrative only will be wholeheartedly understood and cherished by the biggest of Nolan fanboys/girls or actual, genuine, experienced and worn scientists who spent a good 9 years at Harvard before studying in the field all their life. THAT IS NOT HOW YOU SHOULD GO ABOUT MAKING A FILM!

John David Washington was actually very impressive as ... the protagonist? To be honest I just see this as lazy but whatever. Robert Pattinson was loveable, well-balanced and handsome as per as Neil alongside a great, captivating performance from Elizabeth Debecki as Kat. The big daddy and one of the serious saving graces of this film is Kenneth Branagh as villain Sator and is genuinely one of the better Nolan villains; well written and developed but despite all of this the dude still suffers from a Nolan cock-up from hell with a combination of a dodgy Russian accent and the aforementioned diabolical sound mixing. Other than these few however, the rest of the cast is utterly appalling primarily due to the fact they aren't given half the chance to make a single bit of sense and I straight up couldn't hear two thirds of the few lines they said.

All that being said, I did still enjoy TENET at the end of the day mainly because of how Nolan continues to just take a nuts idea and run with it to the best of his ability and for that alone it remains a bearable, solid time at the movies but certainly not what I would consider Nolan's finest hour.

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