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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

~ watched with Elena ~

Is it possible to be physically attracted to a movie? A very, very slow burn, but so beautiful in the way it is executed, you can’t be mad at it. 

The score was eery as fuck, but unfortunately the visuals were not - and somehow the juxtaposition of it all made the film more eery? I dunno man, just give it a whirl. Horror is such an interesting genre, because it’s not as black and white as many people perceive it to be and this film is a perfect example of that. 

I can imagine this being a masterpiece of it’s time, but sadly films of this time feel so dated to newer generations it’s sometimes hard to look past it - we are definitely spoilt in todays cinema. Fortunately, I love me an old film so this was stunning in every way. Couldn’t look away for a second - I was in awe. The deep poster paint red of the blood, every fucking set design, the “overstayed their welcome, but not overstayed” scenes that suddenly go from 0-100, the cinematography(!), bro, I’m just crushing hard on this. 

I’m just picturing sitting in the theatre in the 70s and the credits just being women screaming in pain as they’re burnt alive, and people are shimmying past you with half eaten popcorn like :). Fantastic. I’m off to bed.